Denali Press is live  

First Denali Press editions of Alaskans and A Man of His Village are now available as eBooks through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes and so on. Go here.

Tanyo Ravicz's "Ghost Story" and "Letter from the Bush"

are included in the anthology Cold Flashes: Literary Snapshots of Alaska, just published by the University of Alaska Press, available from the UA Press, Amazon, etc.

On Writing School and the Writer's Soul       

"A House without Laughter" (Bellowing Ark, 2005) reprinted and temporarily available in the Archive. WIth a new postscript by the author. ​

New Curated Bookshop

Learn more about Tanyo Ravicz and other authors, and visit Alaska's only curated online bookshop, at the all-new Running Fox Books cooperative website.

"A Sea Burial

new fiction out in Bellowing Ark Sept/Oct 2010 (vol 26 #5).

Gold Man Review                              

"The Kodiak Brown Bear," an essay, is now available in Issue 8 of Gold Man Review, the

premier West Coast literary annual. Get it at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  


Tanyo Ravicz's essay "Cottonwood" featured in NatureWriting  

Alaska Sampler 

"Unique and intimate perspectives of the Great Land by ten of Alaska's finest authors." From Running Fox Books, this new eBook includes previously unpublished work by Tanyo Ravicz. The Sampler can now be downloaded (complimentary) at Amazon, Kobo, etc.

"American Eagle"       January 20, 2017              

Available thru April 2017 in the Archive. 

The International Literary Quarterly        

has published "A Collector's Inner Life, or The Case of the Missing Toyohiro" in Issue 17. Art, Death & the Undying Obsession of a Dying Man ... 

NatureWriting                     April 16, 2018    

Tanyo Ravicz's essay "Bird & Birdsong" featured in the magazine  NatureWriting 

trampset                         May 2018    

"Decline & Fall of a Great Alaskan Cannery" just published at trampset   

West Texas Literary Review                             

"Sea Lion" is now available online and in print at West Texas Literary Review (Issue 6, June 2018)  


Desert Writers Expo                             

Tanyo Ravicz and other local authors discuss their present and forthcoming books at the Desert Writers Expo in Rancho Mirage, CA, February 15, 2020. 


has published "Getting Along with Ourselves" in Issue 18. 

Chaleur Magazine                             

"Wildflowers" is live in the July 2018 issue of Chaleur   

Hail to the Chief in review

"Hail to the Chief" has been awarded Poetry Runner-up at the 2015 Southern California Book Festival.
See what book reviewers are saying. Go to the Hail to the Chief reviews page here or to the Editorial Reviews at Amazon.

Two Hawks Quarterly

has published "The Ghost in the Book" in the December 2012 issue. ​

Running Fox Books     

Tanyo Ravicz is affiliated with this Alaska-inspired author cooperative. Have a look>


"Hippy Rig" now out in Cirque Vol. 8 # 2 and in print.    

News - Tanyo Ravicz Books

The RavensPerch                             

Read about Eagle, Otter & Hare at The RavensPerch                                                                                                                               


has published "Nature and the Northern Muse" in its Vol. 4, No. 1, the Winter Solstice 2012 issue. Online here> ​

"Off the Wall " - a skiing story -

now out in Bellowing Ark Nov/Dec 2010 (vol 26 #6), the Ark's penultimate issue.

Ring of Fire: An Alaskan Adventure

First eBook edition of Ring of Fire now available from Amazon,  Apple,  Barnes&Noble and Kobo.  

Hail to the Chief 

is just published and available at Amazon or thru Denali Press.   (August 1, 2015)



"Fox," "Outhouse," "Salmonberry" and "Tidepool" published in Cirque's Vol. 7, No. 2, the Summer Solstice 2016 issue. Available online here and in print. 

Tanyo Ravicz

First Denali Press print editions

(July 4, 2014)

of A Man of His Village and Alaskans are now available through Amazon, B&N and Indiebound. 

The Piltdown Review                             

"Beringia," a tale of archaeology, climate change and murder, appears in The Piltdown Review in two parts beginning on March 26, 2019.  

Lee Miller's Traveling Bookstore                             

Alaskans and A Man of His Village are among the books offered thru Lee Miller's Jumpmaster Press Traveling Bookstore, where the Giving Back Program raises money for these three nonprofits thru book sales. Shop here. More info here