Tanyo Ravicz

Hail to the Chief 

The Prez has fallen, torn a tendon,
Has surgery and now needs mendin’,
Arrives at work on custom crutches
Where immediately he clutches
(For balance and for therapy)
The knobs of Lew’s biology,

Then staggers on his shattered knee
And finding that she’s panty-free
While he explores the depth of she
He says a foreign embassy
Has tapped his phone: “We may need cover stories
In the event of interrogatories.”

The outer world thus presses in—
King Hussein, Boris Yeltsin—
Not since the book of Genesis
Have lovers faced such menaces:
He’d rather be golfing with Greg Norman,
But doesn’t mind the job while Lew’s performin’.

What love can do, love will attempt:
The President is not exempt:
The lady wants him at fourth base
But Bill would rather just her face.
“I didn’t come to sell you Tupperware!”

Denali Press
August 2015
91 pages, eBook


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